Weaving WOW Webinar Series
A series of six one hour webinars led by Andrew Melville.
These down-to-earth practical sessions give participants tools to develop positive inner and outer dialogues.
Content includes:

  • Taking the stress out of communication.
  • Strategies to reduce overthinking.
  • Strategies to remove judgement of self and others.
  • Strategies to avoid bad media and stories.
  • How to craft and gather simple stories.
  • Finding the stories of love in self and others.
  • Developing curiosity, observation skills, and insight.

The sessions will draw on The Weave Model, blending BEING and DOING, reflection and action, vision and service, belief, commitment and service.
The first session kicks off at 5:30 pm NZ Time, Thursday February 7, 2019.
Full price is $600.
Early bird registrations until January 31, 2019 are $ 450.00 incl. GST.
Participants who register before January 31 will also receive a free copy of Andrew Melville’s book The Weave: The Surprising Unity in Difference.

Email for instalment arrangements or bank transfers.

Weaving WOW Webinar Series

This one day session offers a refreshing set of tools to navigate today’s world where work and life overlaps and gets complicated.
Drawing on the ancient technology of weaving, participants thread together sets of actions to:

  • Deal with stress from communication overwhelm.
  • Weave big picture vision with practical action.
  • Develop, enjoy and share life stories.
  • Build common ground with diverse people.
  • De-clutter media and information networks.
  • Identify actions to thread dreams, aspirations.
  • Facilitate powerful and unifying conversations.

This workshop will run from 9:30 am to 4pm.
Venue TBC.
Full price: $575

Upcoming workshops:
Wednesday 21st November, 2018
Thursday 6th December, 2018

Email for more information or to register your interest.

The Weave Strategies Workshop