Human-Centred Leadership for a Complex World
‘Business as usual’ leadership is failing fast. Traditional business and government structures are collapsing, and are not coping with a new world, where technology and climate issues alike are reinventing the way we work and act. The public and consumers are no longer tolerating remote and inhumane organisations and institutions.This workshop offers insights to navigate complexity.Thought leaders Rebecca Morris and Andrew Melville have joined forces to produce this workshop that gets to the heart of how to lead in a world of ambiguity and uncertainty. Content includes:

  • Intuitive and insightful ways to build your observational intelligence
  • How to engage and lead diverse teams through complexity
  • Bringing your whole self to your leadership
  • Getting courageous about your authenticity and vulnerability
  • Building stories that inspire, engage and unite
  • The workshop will draw on The Weave Model, and OI, Observational Intelligence.
    Date: Tuesday November 26, 2019 Venue TBC.
    $430 + GST.

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    Human-Centred Leadership for a Complex World
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