What People Say

Storytelling: Spoke Communications and Story Workshops

From a professional standpoint – Andrew’s storytelling is a dynamic tool through which he crafts his enormous understanding of humanity.
Yvonne Godfrey, MIOMO

Andrew is a wealth of knowledge with a skill for enabling the ‘extraction’ of the ‘raw data’ required to craft a powerful story to help a business or practitioner to connect with potential customers/clients.
Jasmine Platt

Andrew does exactly what he preaches, in fact he IS what he preaches, a creator of dialogue, meaning and life in his words and manner.
Simon O’Shaughnessy TEC

I went to Andrew when I set up Paradigm Shift and had many ideas running around in my head. He was able to extract them out and create a compelling story line as to why and what Paradigm Shift was about. I love working with Andrew because he is passionate about what he does and goes the extra mile for his clients. He has a deep and detailed knowledge about pulling everything together and he makes it seem easy.
Rebecca Morris

I engaged Andrew to get me started on the journey of discovering and honing my personal and business brand story. He introduced me to a new world and helped me lay foundations which will yield much over time.
Brett Herkt

Engagement and Leadership Communication:  The Weave Model

Leadership is not an easy subject.  The Weave gives an insightful new meaning to the flow for strategic thinking. The Weave concept borrows from the ancient World and indigenous cultures and makes it a brilliant and clear map for the 21 Century thinking.
Sir Bob Harvey

“I can apply the framework to multiple projects-even to do a criticial analysis of where we are at as an organisation or tribal group and what we need to work on to ensure a shared vision but also at the start of a project.  Great concept easily understood and communicated!”
Tui Gilling, Auckland Transport

“To be honest it is probably one of the most useful tools and workshops I have attended to date. I can really see it being of use in a number of projects both in my role now and beyond. It’s even useful as a framework for understanding what makes up a brand.”
Vivienne Merito, Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

“I have applied The Weave as a tool, of identifying, planning, researching, questioning, accepting, attaining pathways and evaluating etc., within my occupation as a team service leader and my personal life as an individual apart of my collective whanau, hapu, marae, Iwi.“
Cherie Povey, Waitemata District Health Board