Leadership Communication Coaching

In the age of the pandemic, trust in leadership is being challenged like never before. If there is no trust, there is no engagement, teams fracture and productivity languishes.Leaders across every sector are all grappling with global issues, from climate change to cost of living crises. Many of us are searching for ways to explore and new ways of thinking and acting to navigate increasing uncertainty and rapid change.In numerous workplaces, high levels of disengagement and communication breakdown are deeply impacting work culture and productivity. Effective communication across teams in today’s diverse workplaces requires heightened levels of clarity and authenticity.

As more and more employees become disengaged either ‘quiet quitting’ or ‘great resignation’ trend, wellbeing and inclusive values-led leadership is required.

Andrew Melville’s coaching programmes have been designed for people who are committed to developing their leadership communication. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Andrew’s expertise will support and enable you to develop effective communication, clear and concise strategic plans, and alignment of vision, purpose and action.

Weaving Future Leaders Now Programme 

Andrew offers one-on-one coaching online and in-person. The Weaving Future Leaders Now Programme has been designed for people in leadership roles to focus on three strands: wellbeing, metaphor and story based communication, and a post-heroic leadership model.

The programme is highly interactive, and tailored to meet your individual leadership communication needs and focus.

Held in a hybrid of in-person and online sessions, the programme includes a 90 minute introductory session and three subsequent 1 hour coaching sessions, in addition to comprehensive feedback and discussion on any materials you develop during your time on the programme (e.g. purpose statement, CV, articles, book ideas, business development initiatives).

You will:

  1. Articulate your vision, values and purpose with on the ground actions,
  2. Identify your master metaphor and cross over personal-professional stories to connect with, and engage, diverse groups,
  3. Develop an authentic personal brand,
  4. Embed an emergent, collective, and inclusive leadership practice,
  5. Integrate a regular wellbeing and reflection practice into your daily life and work.

If you are interested in learning more about the Weaving Future Leaders Now Programme, contact Andrew at andrew.melville@spoke.co.nz

All In! Leadership Mastermind Programme

Andrew also facilitates the All In! Leadership Mastermind Programme, an online subscription-based group programme that will level up your personal and professional leadership communication. These coaching sessions are hands-on, drawing on and applying practical examples where we learn from one another to identify compelling ways to communicate and engage.

All In! works to bring out and harness your often unseen and unexpressed qualities, to build you as a captivating and inclusive leader, intent on bringing the best out of others and yourself in communication, engagement and relationship.


  1. Excellent Communication — You will become an adept storyteller, articulate in communication that deeply engages diverse audiences,
  2. Powerful Relationships — What you say will be long remembered and acted upon, empowering and serving diverse teams, stakeholders, and clients,
  3. Deep Engagement — Your capacity to deeply engage and influence will expand, to support your workplaces, families and communities navigating the complex global challenges of our times.