I’m Andrew Melville. Communication and connection are my reason for being.

I work to unite others through clear communication, stories, culture and wellbeing.

I love thinking big. I love the energy it creates. I love how people grow and enthuse in conversations about thinking big.

My life is devoted to building visions and communicating them.

I am blessed to work with people committed to serve others and fulfil vision for an evolving better future, in my home Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world.

In 2004 I founded Spoke, a company that creates great content, great stories, written, in audio and video, that connect people.   Today we continue to create and share great stories, particularly the powerful spoken word.

We run programmes, workshops and one on one sessions to mentor and facilitate groups and individuals, to uncover an essence, discover stories that connect,  and practice human centred communication. We work with people to align their inner and external selves and live into their true nature.

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