Sustaining Stories

The word and the idea ‘sustainability’ is spreading around the western world like wild fire.

But more times than not, eyes glaze over at the term, as it is bandied around by politicians, academics or activists. Not to say that they are not well meaning, but to many people sustainability is conceptual at best, mumbo jumbo at worst.

The thing is sustainability is a brilliant concept, well the version that seeks to achieve a balance of economic, social and environmental sustainability, a triple bottom line approach.

The worry for me is that the whole idea of sustainability gets lost in translation. It often occurs as theoretical, or a ‘green’thing or often a throw away line without substance.

I’ve started writing this blog to encourage stories about sustainability to be created.

My two favourite sustainability stories of the moment, are the Playpump
in South Africa and the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.

So here’s an opportunity to get ‘sussed’as in wise and on to it, and able, as in practical and applying knowledge and ability, about sustainability.

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