Dull Sex Politics

It was fabulous that 40 to 50 thousand people marched against mining National Parks at the weekend. My heart lifted. Here was a huge bunch of people expressing themselves about something they really cared about passionately.
It was no mistake that two prominent figures on the march were Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm, both women known for their roles as particularly spunky women; Xena Warrior Princess and Cheryl in Outrageous Fortune.
So these women, fictional or not, stand for strength of character and most likely good and lasting sex.
There type of leadership is a great contrast to the Premature Ejaculation economics being promoted by the government through Jerry Brownlee. Wham Bam, thank you Mam, instant cash from a hole in the ground. Just stick in the hole and go hell for leather til you strike gold.
And everyone takes a turn, sounds like gang rape.
And it also sounds just like Muldoon’s Think Big projects of the early 80s, another great example of PE economics. Think big, fast, and blow your load of non=renewable resources. And Aotearoa NZ is better off from Think Bit, exactly how?
It is bordering on the ridiculous to think this quick fix mining idea will have the NZ economy ‘catch up’ to Australia. Economies of scale people. We are just so niche here in NZ, I can hardly see the costly style of niche mining that would occur in NZ as doing anything at all to our bottom line.
Sad, sad, sad.
Now while we have the ‘ooops shot my load’ style of economics from Key Brownlee and the gang, there was our terrible sad calculated and unsatisfying orgasm economics of Labour. It was always by the book, the theory and strategy was right for good sex, didn’t matter your gender, sexual preference, it was all good, and fabulous on paper. But there was not heart, soul, or mongrel in it.
We need an economy that is like great sex that lasts; tantric economics, sustainable economics. Creative ideas, indivduality, niche products. Kiwi ingeunity from the bedroom to the boardroom to the cabinet table.
Who is going to stand up for this? Maybe the Greens? But I worry that they wallow around ‘in coitus’, perhaps addicted to the ‘feel good’ of sex.
If we are to continue to evolve as a species, we have to learn a brave new world of sex, of politics of economics that is sustainable. What’s the hurry? Well there is urgency but going harder and faster is not going to be the answer. Standing up for what inspires you is going to be part of the mix, getting out on the streets tosay what you feel is not a bad start.

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