Hope Must Always Be Backed By Endeavour

Communication that sticks is what we all want.  

What creates a stand out piece of communication? We all hope to be heard, but do we put in an effort to connect?
For me it always starts with the spoken word.
I was listening to a BBC radio broadcast this week at the World Economic Forum with the renowned Nobel Peace Prize winner,  Aung San Suu Kyi among the speakers.  
She spoke with immense wisdom, but also with clear confident statements that came from her mind, her heart and her soul combined. Well that was sure how it sounded. She said things like “We should not fear transparency, we should face it.” Referring to the modern media and social media world.  
She pulled up a journalist who asked her about levels of trust and ‘dark elements’ in Burma.  She said she was interested in trust, but found talk of ‘dark elements’ melodramatic.  There was a powerful intent in the way she spoke. She was highly present to language, its impact and its framing. Every word was well chosen, yet occurred as spontaneous, and human.  I was moved by her powerful, practical leadership: clear, compassionate, and compelling.
She was embedding her messages deeply.  So much so that I easily recall them from memory three days later.  She left a lasting impression with me.
She spoke of her willingness to become the President of Burma, but said it must change its constitution to allow her to do this. She said:

 “ I have always said that hope must be backed up by endeavour.”

This wisdom goes for life in general,  wishful thinking can only become wish fulfillment with action.

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