No More Doom, Gloom, or Gloss!

Every day we get exposed to so many stories, often without any choice. They come at us on billboards, the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, the mailbox, the phone, the news etc. I’m finding it takes a pretty big effort to manage the deluge and consciously choose what to pay attention to.
So the thing is, my beef is, my frustration is that these stories are often very one sided. They paint either a incredibly gloomy picture, to either shock you into action (news media and hard sales), or they paint a rose tinted picture where all is glitter and spark (overly positive PR)
I reckon, and I know it’s not just me, that more and more people are no longer fooled by these engineered stories. We can see the puppet’s strings behind the show. I am clear there is a need and a desire to get more authentic stories out and about, stories where people go on a journey through the good times and the bad times, dark and light. These are the stories that stick.
Its taken me a journey through the worlds of news media and public relations to find out this is what I really care about, people sharing real stories that resonate. So now I run a workshop Telling Taller Tales, email me at to register for the next Auckland dates, February 15 or February 23.

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