Stymied Stories

I wonder if people are often frightened about whether stories are right or wrong. As a recovering journalist and PR Consultant, I now reflect on the years I traded in stories that were supposedly all about facts. The truth is they were always a perspective. I think we have shut down storytelling in many walks of life, opting for the so called rational and objective and pragmatic approach to information.
The truth as far as we can get it right is important, but it will always only be a perspective. It is time for us to look at what lies beneath a story, a communication, a narrative, a conversation, and listen to the intention of the speaker. The variations on facts and figures will often be there, but through conversation, collaboration and cooperation we can collectively gather facts and figures and the truth to go forward together.
We reinvent ourselves every morning, and the stories we tell ourselves, listen to, watch, and share will always be subjective, varied and flawed. We can find accuracy in the physics of nature, the elements and forces beyond our control.

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