Success is About Telling More Love Stories

Fire heart

Most people would say love stories are about romance, falling in love, boy meets girl, boy meets boy, girl meets girl etc.

Most people also might say that it is mostly women who like love stories.

Chick flicks, romcom, romance novels.

But all the best stories are always about love.

It depends on how we define love, and too often today we narrow it down to romance, sex, food, dogs and children.

The thing is we all love love, even people we might describe as hard, cold or, impersonal love love.

It’s just that too often we judge what love should look like.

Love is about focus and alignment that creates wellbeing and happiness.

When we share stories about what we care about we are telling love stories.

And what we care about might manifest as everything from a nice house and a nice car, to our child, our lover, or humanity as a whole.

It is all about love.

So let your love of what ever your focus is infuse all your communication.

Love stories are always stories of both loss and gain, sadness and happiness, and that is the story of our lives.

Find the heart of what you care about, share that as a love story and you will connect and resonate powerfully with others.

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