The Spokes of Spoke

Spoke can mean two things; to have communicated, verbally, or in another demonstrable way, or the spoke of a wheel.

People ask me which of the two meanings is behind my brand, Spoke. Well, both.

The connection between the two meanings is to ‘radiate.’

So it is my intention that all communication radiates. It can radiate via the spoken word, or other media for communication, across the human senses; visual, tactile etc.

The spokes of a wheel radiate, and give strength and support from the hub to the rim, to the whole, to the circle.
Communication is about connection, and great communicate radiates far beyond what we often imagine.

It is my commitment to encourage people to communicate in a way that radiates, that make a difference far beyond what they might expect.

Without delving into metaphysics, communicating is a form of energy, most obviously perhaps in broadcasting where it travels across airwaves as energy.

We should never underestimate the power of our spoken word, of our human communication; to connect, make a difference, spread hope inspiration and love.

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