The Weave: The Surprising Unity in Difference – New Book Available Now

We’re delighted to announce the launch of my new book – The Weave: Surprising Unity in Difference.

The Weave offers insights and pathways for leaders to build authentic cultures by using stories to unite groups in their vision and to give people a sense of belonging, of motivation and inspiration.

This book is for managers and leaders of teams looking for better ways to engage diverse groups and individuals. It offers tips and tools for:
• anyone seeking to run a project where the diversity of the group can become a source of strength
• ways for government, health, education and infrastructure providers to remove silos and get everyone on the same page
• anyone looking to improve their ability to communicate, influence and bring out the best in people who think differently to them

To order a copy of the book click the link below!

$27.50 NZD + $5 Shipping

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