Winning With Personal Story

I’ve been watching the sharpest most compelling videos I have ever seen on story and the power of telling them.  The videos are produced and fronted by Bo Eason, a former US NFL player.

He is the master of telling a personal story powerfully to achieve what ever success you want in the world.

Bo says ‘the more personal your story the more universal it becomes’. Such a simple statement, but so powerful.

When you know, own, and tell your personal story, it will have you achieve what ever you want.  And the key thing is, you don’t have to be a super hero to have a great story to tell. Look at the unsung heroes that are being discovered almost weekly on talent shows from Idol to the X Factor.

How many times have we all been moved and surprised by the almighty voice and presence coming from bodies and people we would least expect ?

Bo Eason says forget the proudest moment in your life, and look at the moment when you have been most embarrassed, or most humiliated. What did you learn? What did you not learn?

Our personal story is always with us, whether we speak it aloud or not. It shows up in our body language and the things that go on in between the lines of the words we use.

When we own our story, incorporate it, then we start to become increasingly effective in the goals we want to achieve, and the things we wish to succeed at.

Take a moment to look at what your personal story is, the lows as well as the highs. Write it, share it, incorporate it.

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