Bad Coffee, 3D TV Turn off and the Marvels of the IPad

I was meeting a couple of business contacts in a soul less Auckland Westfield mall yesterday. We were looking for a place for a coffee, disappointed our favourite spot had been taken over by yet another coffee franchise that sells expensive buckets of scalded brown milk.

Sadly, we ended up at another coffee franchise spot, at least it was a good place to stop and talk, and the mall, antiseptic as it is, is close to home.

We came across a mall display of the latest 3D TVs, all with $250 glasses set up in front like those pole-mounted binoculars you get at scenic spots.

We all agreed what a turn off the whole thing was. How annoying would it be to constantly have the whole family having to wear three D glasses in the living room? Not to mention $1000 for the four pairs for an average household. What happens when you switch channels or hit a non 3D programme? Glasses on, glasses off. What will it do to interpersonal skills in the home if everyone is wandering around with 3D glasses on. And then how much better is the 3D anyway in terms of viewing experience? Not much, and it looks terrible without the glasses. How will that work as you sit in the lounge browsing magazines, your laptop, the remote, your cup of tea?

A definite 0 out of 10 for first generation 3D TV.

Ahh, now contrast this with our next technology experience over coffee, the IPad. Now I had thought, really, isn’t it a toy, and how much do I need one as well as the Iphone, the MacBook and the I Mac?

Well I do.

Sorry, it is amazing. Its potential for me to use in business and to research things I like and care about is fantastic. Gone will be the days of bringing up sites and pressos and info on a laptop and clumsily swivelling it round across the cafe table or board table for people to look at. Gone are the days of scribbling models and plans in a moleskin or notebook. All this will be done on the Ipad. Magazines such as Wired and Popular Mechanics have great apps for their mags. They give the magazine browsing experience a whole new dimension.

And then of course reading books, surfing sites etc etc is just a whole new experience. Another toy, another gadget. Yes, but in our, lovely post modern world, toys, gadgets, work, fun, passion and inspiration continue to converge. Isn’t that what evolution is all about?

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