God Just Never Gives Up- Ever!

Today for the first time in my life, well directly anyway, I am moved to write about God.

In all the talk we hear on the planet about God, what ever religion, we always bring our basic day to day thinking to what God is all about. He/she gets personified, likened to a human. Even thinking of God as a he or a she is starting off on the wrong track.

Where God has meaning for me in life is as a presence. Now I will never know if that presence is something I have just made up in my head and heart, or whether there is a specific entity, or energy that is God that is teaching me this.

In fact the only thing that is important to know about the source, is that it is love. Pure Love. Never ending love. That is really hard to get our heads around. Unwavering love.

Our minds come and go from everything. Little seeds of doubt can enter our minds about love, others love for us, and ours for theres. When life gets hard, we think God, the universe, the world or whatever has halted love for us. Otherwise life would not be hard.

What I am starting to learn is that God never falters, never doubts, is beyond our human conception and thinking that thinks are fallible.

To make my dear little human brain and heart get an understanding of God, I can look to nature.

It is permanent, beyond life and death, just as God is. God is love, God is our planet.

Human, planet and animal life may come and go, but nature goes on. God goes on. People go on through generations.

This is remarkable and infinite, just as God is.

To grow in Trust of God is to find that ever elusive Meaning of Life and Happiness.

He/She/It will never give up on us, never remove their Love. It will be with us always, before and after death, infinitely. Our biggest challenge in life is to be at peace with the infiitnite.

We have spend that last few thousand years getting clear about making things finite, wanting and gaining control over aspects of our lifes, to the loss of the infinitity of Love.

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