Being Drawn and Being Driven

Juxtapositions are the great power behind our communication as human beings.  Life and death, tragedy and comedy, dark and light; some are opposites, some are contrasts, all have connections.

I was talking with a close friend the other day about motivation, and how sometimes, I do not feel driven to achieve, fulfil, act, succeed. It’s not an overtly bad thing, but sometimes I feel like I am selling myself a bit short. That was the tone of the conversation.

My friend, being insightful, said, Andrew you are not driven to do things, you are drawn to things, ideas and projects.  It was an aha moment for sure.

And an interesting juxtaposition. How much are we driven to do things versus drawn to do them? Both have their pitfalls. To be driven can be relentless and hellbent. Being drawn can be busy chaotic, overcommitted and like floating from one thing to another.

So of course with all wise solutions, a bit of both is the best thing. Driven to complete things, steer a course and keep going, drawn to the right course, and nagivating some where of benefit to oneself and others.

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