Working the Story Angles

Great stories are about great angles. An angle gives us a ‘way in’ to a bunch of information.

Journalism and advertising have working the angles perfected. We ‘get’ the story in the news and ads really fast, because the angle is sharp. So the focus is sharp.

The key thing about angles too is Juxtaposition. It is what is place next to what, and with what angle. Twist and spin are word that get associated with the angles created for stories; most often with a negative slur.

But the truth is, every time some information is conveyed, the sender brings some element of subjectivity to the way they tell the story. It’s human nature.

If we didn’t have angles for stories, and no juxtapositions, we would have plain unadulterated data,information; perhaps screes of it. With no way to navigate. Angles and juxtapositions give us a way to navigate, just like landmarks.

I’m currently exploring the power of juxtaposition in everything in life; the big stories and the litle stories we tell about ourselves, about our world and our place in it.

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