Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

I love reflecting on everyday turns of phrase. How often do we hear the line, he/she changed his/her mind.

How often have you said: “I’ve changed my mind.” It is a powerful statement. I hadn’t released until now how powerful this statement is, and yet I throw this sentence into conversation with out a second thought.

It is very clear. Someone when they have changed their mind has decided or chosen to change.
And change is a big deal, its a big fear.
To say you have ‘changed your mind’ is a big shift.

Changing your mind can set off strong reactions in others. They may well have to change to, to be with where you have changed to.

I read some advice today that said: Seek not to change the world, but to change your mind about the world.

That simple sentence had me reflecting and thoughtful for an hour this morning, just after dawn.

The other thing I love about the words, ‘change your mind’ is that to me they symbolise a breakthrough in trust of one’s self, the whole of one’s self, from the rational to the intuitive processes that simmer and gel in us, and to reach the point of changing our mind is to have trusted all that we are.

So many of us say and act like we are totally logical rational beings, but the give away is when we say things like ‘changing our mind’. Where is the science in that? Well maybe it is simply that there is far more going on in our conscious and unconscious ‘minds’ that we own. And maybe the really good science of the 21st century will increasingly take account of ‘what lies beneath’ in our unconscious thoughts, actions and deeds.

Now there is a flipside to everything. And I know there will be those that will react to a ‘change of mind’ as indecision, unreliable, someone being ‘all over the place’. But I wonder it these reactions are often born of fear of change.

A change of mind comes from reflection, reassessment and correction that will ultimately lead to a more well informed, considered and mindful action.

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