Shift the Friction

There is no doubt as human beings we get blocked and thwarted. The idea of being blocked, obstructed in our way forward is something I often hear. Usually, the obstacle is blamed on someone or something other than ourselves.
How often is the block simply a perception, in the realm of ‘ If only this thing or that person wasn’t in the way, I could achieve what I want!
I have an idea about how to shift that perception.
If we look at nature, at physics, at science, there is always friction. In fact we need it otherwise we would have no traction and simply slip around all over the place.
I believe the solution to feeling blocked and obstructed is to work with the friction. Our greatest invention, the wheel, does just this. It ‘shifts the friction’ so we can move forward. The wheel doesn’t eliminate it, it doesn’t counter it, it uses the friction and works with resistance to its advantage.
The wheel is perhaps mankind’s most simple, most elegant and most significant invention. What a great model for us to use when looking at solving problems.
I use the model of a wheel, it’s hub, it’s spokes and it’s rim as model for communication. Spoke is all about connection, working with the frictions of communication, of sadness, happiness, clarity and confusion to offer stories to connect and to progress.

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