If you stop to think about, there is a lot of balance in the word ‘enough’.

Enough ultimately means adequate, an even score card, a balance between supply and demand.

Sure sometimes people shout ‘enough’ when they are worried there is going to be ‘too much’ ; an overload of information, emotion, or something material.

But I think enough can be invented as an exquisite balance.

Lets start to think about the challenges of our world.

How about starting an Enough economy, globally.

We could move from the concept of sustainability to one of ‘sufficiency’.

I’m borrowing ideas here heavily from a wonderful audio book I just read/listened to by Lynne Twist; Unleashing the Soul of Money.

Somehow she wonderfully blends ideas of abundance, sufficiency, purpose and freedom.

It had me stop in my tracks, and reflect gratefully (Great Full eeee) about how much I had enough all around me, in my natural world, in my material world.

Everything from eating enough, working enough, buying enough, enough time, it all comes into an outlook on life that can focus on enough, looking for it all around us, questioning when we think there is not enough.

So enough already, I hope you get the idea.

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