The Soul of the Vowel

The ability of human beings to speak is a an enormous gift, and one that we often seem to take forgranted.

Compared to any other living being on the planet, the sophistocation of our physical ability to manipulate sound and use language is magnificient.

I sometimes hear people debate that words and language are not the most important part of ur communication.ud They say body language, and who we are being are more important than the words.

I think they underestimate the power of the word. In spirituality, from Christianity to Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, the word is seen as a vibration that started the world.

Word and world are similar words.

My point is that speaking is energy, vocalising is an energy, and it is a powerful energy to communicate. It is sacred, and we should pause often to put heart into how we speak and treasure the gift of the spoken word.

I once spent some time learning tibetan throat singing and we would do an exercise to chant the vowel sounds, a, e, i, o, u. As we ran the sounds together a harmonic would start to appeear between the letters, like a vocal rainbow. It was magic.. We were focusing on the vibration of the spoken word. In between the letters, we were expressing soul. It is like the difference between thinking and being; the space between, unconconscious. I find it interesting that all our consonants block sound, the ps, the bs, gs and other sounds. So that blocking gives us sophistocation in language, but an interuption too, an intellectual interuption.

I’d like to think we can use the vowels to meditate, and in meditation, treat our human languages as sacred, as energy with power to communicate, to connect, and to love.

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