Get Out of Control to Be Inspirational

The more we control and plan our thoughts and actions the less inspirational we become.
Control is today an addiction, one of endless ‘to do’ lists, daily planners, heftily edited and careful language.
The rise and rise of the bullet point, has been the death of a flowing and compelling narrative.
It does not serve us. It convinces no one.
The compelling connections by word of mouth, or on the page come when we drop our guard, and trust.

The trick is that the uncontrolled must come from a place of heart, love and service.
Otherwise it will be shapeless drivel.
I know many people fear a lack of control in their communication will be a mess and ramble, disconnected.
But trust me, the most inspirational words I have ever heard were born in moments where there was no control, where the unconscious was unguarded, not stilted, planned or contrived.
The most viral You Tube clips are those moments, when human nature prevailed, and people let themselves get out of control.

Google any inspirational quote and you can be assured they came from an uncontrolled moment. 

Watch and Listen. Capture those moments of inspiration. They are the window to your soul, and will always powerfully connect with others.

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