Our Time

Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times
One of our greatest fears is time.
Not enough, or too much.
It comes up every day for people in their work and leadership. Most often it is problem number one.
People are always busy and if they are not, they worry about what they should be doing.
Time stops being a problem when people are engaged in a vision far greater than themselves.
Think of a time when you have completely lost track of time. Chances are you were engrossed in some element of your vision, for yourself or for the world. You were fully engaged.
Time stops being a problem when we embed those memories of those moments when we were so engaged we became lost in time.
The bigger the game we play, the less stressed we are about time.

Our vision enables us to navigate time powerfully.

Worry about time is replaced by clarity.
We devote time to what will further the game.
Time is not wasted. We get efficient and focused.
“ Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action, just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord.” Eckhart Tolle.
When we are in touch with our vision, it becomes watermarked in every action we take each day; awake and asleep. We live and breathe it.
Fulfilling a vision with purpose spells an end to Downtime, and being Time Poor.
Your time becomes your Own Time and that becomes Our Time.
Our Time is to live and act now with a vision for others; to give and to receive.
This is Our Time.

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