Learning to Sip

My biggest and my only New Year’s resolution is to Learn to Sip.
Yep, to sip every thing. Less gulping. Less gulping of food, drinks, life.
To Learn to Sip will put me living in the moment.
I miss a lot of moments because I am gulping through life.
That concept of ‘being present’ will happen when I Learn to Sip.
I will savour. I will relish. I will breathe into sipping.
I will taste more, food, drink and life.
I will observe more when I sip.
It’s going to be bloody hard.
I love to gulp.  Gulp, gulp gulp, and its all gone and I am not satisfied. Food, drinks, and maybe life.
I don’t want to gulp through 2014. 
Ok, I think I am being a bit hard on myself. Gulping is fun when I am really hungry, really thirsty, and in a hurry to devour life.
It’s ok really. But a bit more sipping would be really great.
Rolling the taste of things around my mouth. And even engaging all my senses in sipping.
Looking and sniffing and touching before I sip. Tasting through the sip, listening to the sound of the sip, and there I’ve done the full sensory experience.
Sipping more and gulping less also means chilling out more. Less is more, yep, yep, yep.
Learning to Sip will get me reflecting and pausing more. Sipping is a meditation.
Maybe it is about a ratio of sipping to gulping, it feels a bit hard to give up gulping completely.
And that is what is wrong with resolutions. They demand you to be resolute. And sometimes we just plain don’t want to be resolute about every damn thing. It’s too hard.
Life is too short. But it will feel not so short if I sip and gulp. In balance. Sipping and gulping.
ore chewing would be good.
Sipping is to pause more. To drink in the world around me. To stop. To siesta.
And to be more productive as a result of sipping.

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