Stop Thinking; Connect

I’m hard wired for connection.
All human beings are.
There are invisible threads that link us all.
You can call it energy, in either the scientific or spiritual sense if you choose.
It is elusive sometimes, because it is not always visible to our immediate senses.

But human connection is an energy, and it is a key to our survival.
The crazy thing is we have set up many structures in our world that break that connection.
I blame our big brains. We think too much. We think in the wrong way too much.
We think too much about disconnections;  what ifs, pros and cons, pluses and minuses, right and wrong, etc etc.
We have adversarial debate, politics, legal systems, and hierarchies; a whole raft of structures dedicated to disconnection.
Wrong thinking.
I’ve just started a large new contract and my role is engagement.  Interesting that such a role even needs to exist. How come we all don’t do that naturally in our course of work?
Once upon a time work was all about connection and engagement.
But our big brains got in the way. And we separated ourselves out from others, and got very busy with our thinking, and our modern ways of industry and commerce.
It is just not that hard to find common ground. The trick is to stay there, before wandering off into our disconnected world.
The key to maintaining common ground is vision, a shared vision that is greater than oneself. A living vision is embedded, it resonates without intellectual separation, division or analysis.
It simply is. It is based on the energy of connection, of humanity as a collective whole, inter-dependent, and focused solely on survival as a connection organism, living interconnected to the living organism that is this planet.
Every culture in the world has a story about this planet and our connection to it as one giant whole.
We have the science, we have the spirit, and we have the evidence on every level of our being.
Our problem is our harnessing our big brains for connection, not separation.
This is the challenge of the human condition.

Commit random acts of connection!

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