Love the Cream

I love it when ideas collide. When I am thinking, talking about something, and suddenly I think of a connection to something else that at first view is totally unrelated.

So it is with cream. Cream is to most minds always of great value. The ‘cream of the crop’,’creaming it’ the ‘creme de la creme’. It is always a word used in association with success and with quality; with the best.

But in diet, cream has ended up with a bad rap. Most in the western world would tell you that cream is bad for you. Sure, in small amounts it’s fine, but to consume it in any quantity is going to be really bad for you. So is this true? My grandmother lived to 104 and loved cream and butter. So I’ve often wondered about how bad it can be.

A friend of mind who is a professional nutritional maverick told me a great story about cream. A researcher in the early 20th century studied a people living in a remote Swizz valley who had exceptional health, and an unrefined diet. On village sports day, athletes would be given a large bowl of pure cream; their version of a sports drink.

So what’s my point?

Homogenised milk still has cream, it’s just busted into tiny globs throughout the milk.

And so too I believe we homogenise our lives, taking an intellectual approach to how we live.

We don’t take risks, and we don’t trust our instincts about what we know, what we do and what we believe. We bust the cream, that which is great, into globules that become indistinct; but in their busted down form, fester unrealised.

I tell clients who come to me to mentor and advise them on excellent communication that what rises to the surface, what you recall from a conversation, a speech, a book, a documentary, a movie days later was the essence of the story and what you neeeded to learn. And if the originator was skilled, what you recall is what they intended.

Let the cream rise to the surface. Trust it, enjoy it.

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