Thought Puppetry

Thought Puppetry

As sure as day follows night, we will always have thousands of thoughts everyday, get thou, thou-sands, thou- ghts.

When we dream, a complex story unravels in microseconds that on waking occurs to us like an entire novel.

If we pause to think on thoughts, it is the same deal.

Think about it. Think thought. Think thousands.

We create many novels, major dramas, great feature movies, hour by hour.

It’s 7.40 am. I’ve been awake for an hour and I know if I wrote down every thought I had in the past hour it would fill a book.

Now, so what?

The trick is out of all these thoughts, which are we giving the headline to? What story line are we making to guide our day, and guide our life?

Are we really conscious?

My old habit was to grab the negative ones. No coincidence, that’s what happens in the news media. No wonder negative stories rate. They’re running at the same rate as our internal bulletins.

There is a comfort and justification and familiarity around living these ego based negatives. And then on the flipside, if we are attempting some correction of negative thoughts, we might tell ourselves we are bad for thinking them and should try to erase them.

Religion and many disciplines teach us that, we are wrong to think badly.

Well here’s a new deal.

There will always be a percentage of our thoughts that are crap, negative, boring, mundane. But we have a choice about how we weight them, how we cast them in our daily life/story/future. ( Story, stored up, store of knowledge, collected, planned calculated, saved up, regurgitated.)

We are Thought Puppeteers.

Now, who gets the lead role?

The company of thoughts are jostling for position every moment.

There is doubt, fear, worry, excitement, inspiration, creativity, happiness, playfulness, fun.

Cartoons love those little voices; the devil on the shoulder. There should be a whole cast up there.

So the practice is:

  • Take the directors chair.
  • Grasp the puppeteer’s strings, and have the thoughts you want dance, play, and weave a story.

Life would be flatline death if there was no light and shade. Cast your thoughts in the story you want to create.

Have them dance to your tune. There is a magic in us to cast a divine play for ourselves and others, a divine story.

We are the thought puppetry masters.

If the dark thoughts have a dominant role, release them.

Inject them with humour.

Funny how the best comedy is dark.

Naturally, there are ancient reasons we are moved by darkness and fear in stories.

Back before we separated out our intellects, when were so called ‘primitive’,

Stories were about survival. Dark stories were to teach of danger. To set guidelines for survival.

Humour was connection too. And to laugh at fear, and in the face of adversity, was also for survival.

Laughter and tears are so close, master storytellers are master thought puppeteers. Love your thoughts!

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