Wells, the sort you get water from, are a great metaphor for great storytelling. Imagine you are dunking a bucket into a deep dark well, wanting to get some cool fresh water.

Our unconscious works like that. It seems dark and unseen but has some cool and fresh ideas floating around in there. It’s great when we let that rise to the surface, allow our untold stories to be voiced. They are the most powerful and the most compelling.
When you stop and think about it, when we speak we do this all the time. We don’t really spend a lot of time reciting things verbatim from memory. Sure this is a skill and one that can be honed. But in conversation, we basically wing it.
Eloquence comes from a freedom to associate story elements juxtaposed in a fresh, cool way.
Eloquence comes from a wellspring, where a beautiful combination of mineral content and context is organically smooth.
Eloquence comes from a wish to serve, to give and to provide clear, fresh sweet stories to make a difference to another.

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